Japan - Day 3

NYE in Tokyo

We all decided that today would be a good morning to start a little later which we did. We made it to our free buffet breakfast, which we had thoroughly enjoyed the day before, at about 9:30. After that we were off to explore the Minato district of Tokyo. The first thing we noticed stepping out of the station was the huge Tokyo tower in the distance. It is a magnificent structure which towers over a great deal of Tokyo. Anthony took some shots of the tower and then we moved towards it knowing that Zojoji temple was underneath it. We had decided to visit Zojoji temple early, even though we would be returning to it that night. Anthony and Rob decided that taking time lapse photos of the temple throughout the day and night would be a good idea. The pictures are fantastic.

I can not describe the temple easily, I think awesome does not cover it. Standing below the temple is amazing it is huge and so beautifully crafted. Lee thought the temple was newly built which gives you some idea how well kept it was. The grounds of Zojoji also hold other temples and a huge bell. Many stalls were also being set up for the night. After taking many photos and mucking about we decided to move our way slowly to Tokyo Tower.

On the way we passed those pretty dolls with windmills but we are unsure what they mean. At Tokyo tower we crammed our way into a lift with many other people and were transported the first floor observatory, which stands at approx. 150m. The views of Tokyo were vast, the city literally looked like it went forever. The boys all took some shots and had a look around. Anthony found and worked this cool coin machine, all in Japanese, and got his name printed on a Tokyo tower coin (It wasn’t that hard. There were pictures). It’s very cool. After doing some shopping in the gift shop we were transported back to the ground and into a small shopping center.

It was here we tried our first Japanese McDonald’s. Anthony tried a Prawn burger. Which he thinks they should make in Australia (one of the best Macca’s burgers I’ve ever had, I must say). After McDonald’s we headed into Guinness World Records. It was pretty interesting to look few of the records, Anthony and Lee think we could beat a few of the Japanese eating records (considering Japanese portions are about the size of my fist, while wog portions are about the size of my head, i reckon we’ve got them beaten. Also I got a remote controlled helicopter, time for mayhem!). We were about to head home when we thought we should find the Pokemon center.

After I directed us in the wrong direction we stumbled across it (don’t you mean I took over and said: “This way!”?). It was huge, there were Pokemon everywhere. We were very excited when we saw the “real” Pikachu taking photos with people. Naturally we lined up and a few seconds later got our Picture with Pikachu.

We decided to spend New Years Eve at Zojoji Temple, so after a quick rest and some phone calls home we went back. The place was pretty cool and also cold. We missed out on balloons as they only release 3000 of them. In the end Sarma ended up getting heat packs off some girls who i think became rather fond of him (I think they liked his ninja outfit, still I think he was in with a big chance. Too bad.). The actual 12 o’clock display of balloon releasing was different and beautiful. I don’t think we will every see something so peaceful and beautiful as that again. Our trip home consisted of sardine train before we all collapsed tired into bed.