Japan - Day 6


It was the Zoo today which was really exciting. The zoo is actually located in a huge park which we had a look around in and found some interesting stuff (no prizes for guessing the parks name). When we arrived at the zoo we were surrounded by signs saying that there was no giant panda at the zoo. This is unfortunate as we were all looking forward to seeing one. The zoo did not have a vast area for the animals like Melbourne zoo, but it was still pretty cool. The boys went mad taking photos and we got some good ones, except Anthony got a bit to close to an eagle and it went to attack his camera (yeah, it thought it was famous and could get away with it). It was pretty funny. We had lunch at the zoo which wasn’t to bad for zoo food and continued looking at the animals. We only managed to get half of the zoo done by the time we needed to head across to the science museum.

On the way to the Science Museum we stopped at Ueno Park’s Fountain. It was pretty cool. We took some pictures and then took some pictures of other people and the fountain and then Lee invited some girl into the photo and we had a group shot.

The science museum was alright nothing like Melbourne Museum. It had its normal assortment of a few animals, some dinosaurs and something like Science Works. The cool thing there was we went into a theater that was a 360 degree movie. Basically you were in a sphere with all walls showing the movie. It was a little strange but very realistic.

We also had a look in a market in Ueno (I was trying to find some shoes. Its a no go. Japanese people are small and have damned tiny feet. Nothing in the shops fit me). It was pretty cool and right at the end was a computer shop. Anthony was lucky enough to find his lens converter and his telephoto lens, so he was pretty happy.

That night we went into Roppongi except for Rob and went for dinner. There were people on every corner trying to get us to come to there club or strip joint (You come to my titty bar! First four minutes free! Stupid fuggs don’t they understand I’m here with a lady!?). Not very fun. We did find a 6 storey store which sold everything (We’ve nicknamed it Donkey. Its just much easier that way). Anthony brought me a Stitch figurine which actually has my birthday on it. What are the chances of that? Dinner was a huge disappointment, we ate late and then it was very expensive and hardly and food (Tapas! Unsigned tapas! RIP OFF! Lee and myself were going to go out to the noodle bar but it was way too late. Sleep seemed a much better option. Still, I can’t believe the pathetic portion sizes. They wouldn’t even be enough by Japanese standards!).