Japan - Day 14

Last Day in Japan

We all woke up with mixed feelings today as I was our last day in Japan. Although I think that most of us wanted to go home, there was still a part of us that wanted to stay and enjoy the wonders of Tokyo, and who knows maybe fit another day at Disney and DisneySea in (and there’s the plan!). Either way we would be on our way back to Australia overnight.

We had done the majority of packing the night before, so we were able to get up, shower and have our last breakfast in Japan. I will actually miss breakfast here, it was so good. After we all had our breakfast and a good chat it was time to get ready to leave as we only had an hour to checkout. We double checked the room and then rolled our bags to Lee and Sarmas room to meet the others. Downstairs we weighed our bags, then swapped some stuff between bags, which would allow us to get all our bags home under 20 kilos.The hotel staff were very nice and offered to keep our luggage at the desk until we wanted to pick them up. So with that all organised we checked out and headed out into Tokyo for our last day.

We headed back to the markets at Asakusa again. This was due to Lee and Sarma seeing Anthony’s Samurai sword and deciding what they needed most was one to take home to. Anthony is such a trend setter.So we took ourselves back to the markets.I will say that the markets and Sensoji Shrine would be one of my favourite places we visited, so I really had no arguments for going back there.It was also fitting to head back there as it was where we went on our first day and now the last.

After a bit of time in the market, and some more of those yummy biscuits from the first day here. We came away with 2 more Samurai swords, some gifts for Chipi and a few other bits and pieces. We made a group decision to head back to base and find some lunch at the restaurant in which the boys had their first dinner at.We traveled our way back to our well known Ginza no. 4 station and started heading towards lunch.

It was at this point we heard Sarma saying something quietly to himself and then Rob yelling “ASIMO!”. Sarma somehow had spotted Asimo on the other side of the road, and through trees in the Honda building. We all quickly raced across the road and into the Honda shop, in time to see most of the performance. Asimo, which is a realistic humanoid robot, was very cool, and something that the boys had wanted to see all trip. We went away feeling happy. I really believe that what is meant to be will happen as this was not our first piece of good luck on this trip.

After lunch we made our long way to the airport, it took ages but we finally got there and checked in.

Our flight home was long and not very exciting. We got through customs alight except for Anthony’s Nninja star which was seized by customs (it is a sad tale, which I will never commit to writing. However, let it be known that the brave little ninja star saved “Mega Bits” from certain death).

Overall this trip was the best. We had fantastic experience and wonderful times and I know this is a country I would love to return to some day.