Singapore/Malaysia - Day 3

Sentosa, Singapore's playground

Sentosa is the newest resort island in Singapore and is fondly known by Singaporean’s as Singapore’s playground. This was our destination for today.

The day started the same as the day before as we found ourselves at the buffet breakfast downstairs. We stocked up on food and got ready for a big day at the resort island. We had decided the night before to take the cable car from Harbourfront across to Sentosa even though the price was a little steep. We thought the views would be worth it. After lining up in a queue in the hot hot weather we were able to get inside and take the cable car across to sentosa. The view was beautiful and we finally got a good view of the city. We arrived at Sentosa and took a detour to look at the free cable car museum. Luckily it was free as it wasn’t very exciting, the only interesting thing was the cable car made of Lego.

Once out of the station we had our first look at the island. Sarma quickly found a Starbucks and dissapeared for a coffee, while the rest of us organised our tickets for later in the day. We choose to do the noon pass which allowed us to choose 4 of the attractions on the island to do. Underwater world was not included so we chose to do:

  • The Tiger Sky Tower
  • The Sentosa Luge and Skyway (I was impressed I did this)
  • Cinemax 4D, Extreme Log Ride
  • The Segway. We also pre booked our tickets to songs of the Sea which would be on at 7:40pm.

To get around Sentosa you have a few options, the island has free buses and monorails to get you around. We were lucky and jumped on the right bus to get to Underwater World. We lined up again and waited to get tickets. Now something we have noticed on this trip is that there are alot of families here that wear the exact same t-shirt, during our lining up we saw the Angry birds family who were all wearing red angry birds t-shirts. Very odd.

The pink dolphin show was about to start when we entered underwaterworld so we headed outside to the theatre. It was packed, I have never seen so many people watching a show before. Hulahooping on their noses, waving and balancing balls were just a few things these clever dolphins were able to do.Two sealions came out next and did a variety of tricks, my favourite being that Brenda the seal was able to catch 7 hoops around her neck in a row in the water, she was a very clever sea lion. Seeing I am a sucker for an animal show I enjoyed the dolphin and seal show emensly. Normally they offer solphion photos after the show but today they only offered the seal photos. I was a little disappointed.

We explored the rest of the aquarium, looking at all the normal animals such as big fish, clown fish, crabs, jellyfish. The aquarium also has the Angel fish, these are tiny fish that live in the ice, 600m underwater. They are tiny and swim through the water like angels with wings. The highlight of the actual museum is the travelator, it takes you through about 200m of tunnel under a variety of tanks. While more diverse then Melbourne aquariums one, we definitely have bigger sharks. By this point we had, had enough of the crowds and decided to head out and use our noon pass before we ran out of time. We jumped back on the bus and headed to Imbiah lookout where the majority of the attractions are.

As at any resort island food is always a problem, it is expensive and it is normally not brilliant. We ended up settling for some pizza at a ridiculous price and shared a couple. The pizza it self was not to bad, but knowing you could be eating something better for a cheaper price is annoying. Full and hot we decided to find a cool ride to go on first, it was actually the closest one we decided on which was the Tiger Sky Tower. The tiger sky tower has a capsule that moves up to the top and then spins 360 degrees slowly to allow you to have views of Sentosa. Anthony had a go at making a panoramic and I hope it turns out.

We had seen the luge track from the Tiger Sky Tower and the boys were pretty excited to do that next. I was not… In the end barreling downhill in a luge you control is pretty fun. It was easy to control just pull back to stop, I may have down the slowest downhill luge ever but it was fun. Anthony filmed his trip down the luge and will put it up to be seen. Once at the bottom of the luge you have the option to head back to the top by the skyway, though as the beach was right there we went over for a walk.

The skyway back up was alright, not as exciting as the luge which Anthony wanted to do again but it was an ok way to get back up to Imbiah lookout which had out next attraction the 4D theater in which we would watch EXTREME log ride. For this ride you sit in a machine with 3D glasses on and the machine moved you around like you are actually on the ride. It was pretty good, but I am not sure about EXTREME!!

It was getting late at this point and we had to find our way to the Segway and hope we could squeeze it in before songs of the sea as you have to use your noon pass before 7. We finally got there after a full bus and were told that there was a 45min wait. We signed the release forms, put our helmet, knee pads and elbow pads and waited to complete Segway training. We had decided to complete Segway training and then come back for the real Segway part after Songs of the Sea. Riding a Segway is much harder then it looks. You have to stand completely straight and still to stop and move lean forward slowly to move, plus steering. We all had issues at first trying to balance on them but when we got going we rocked. We completed the training then jumped out of the line to go to Songs of the Sea.

Songs of the Sea was a wonderful show it was set with real people and animations projected onto water. It told the story of Lee who had the ability to sing and through his singing help the elements get power. It had water jets, fire balls, lasers, images projected, fireworks, it really had it all. After the show we got stuck in the smoke from the fireworks and had to make our way out.

We returned to the Segway to finish our ride and made some quick laps of the track. The segways were absolutely awesome. It takes a while to find you balance on them but when you do they are fun. After the Segways it was time to go home. We took some pictures of the Merlion and then continued home. We stopped at Arab Quarter for some food and then came home exhausted. It has been a very tiring but fun day.