Singapore/Malaysia - Day 13

Last Day in KL

It was a quiet day for our last day in Asia. We got up just in time for breakfast and then hung aroiud in the apartment until 1:30. We decided to get our butts moving and head for lunch at KLCC.

Anthony and Steve got Chicken Rice which has been a popular meal choice over here. I got chicken wonton noodle soup with fried wontons on the side. Very nice.

We then returned to Low Yat Plaza to talk to a camera dude we met yesterday about the convertor lens we bought in Singapore. He gave some helful information and tried to sell us a flash. We compromised and bought a cleaning brush from him for his help. We then headed to Pavillion.

Pavillion has the UN Buddy bears at the moment, Every country in the United Nations was given a bear to decorate and make into a designer bear for each country. The bears are going around the world to promote peace, happiness and working towards abolishing poverty. There were some good bears and some not so good. America bear was the best as they had made it as the statue of liberty. Our Buddy Bear was not one of the better ones.

After that it was a trip back to the apartment to wait for Sarma. We shouted him Nandos as he has been missing it and celebrated the trip. Ironically the first western food we have had here made us all sick. Not the best way to end a holiday. However we did watch half of Monty Python on youtube. Which Sarma finally got to enjoy.