Adelaide - Day 1

Start of our journey to Adelaide

It was an early start this morning as well all jumped into the car for our road rip to Adelaide. We set off on the long drive. Our first detour was to the Ararat Scenic Lookout which was well worth a slight detour. It was very windy and the view was beautiful. After snapping some photos we continued on our way to Naracoote Caves stopping only to have lunch ad Di’s and Chris’ cakes and pies. I believe their name is wrong. It should be Chris and Di’s Cakes and Pies

it makes much more sense. We arrived at Naracoote and rushed to the desk as the tour I wanted to do started at 2:15 and it was 2:00. We bought our tickets and I was in a fluster when the tour guide reminded me it is a 30 min time difference from Melbourne. So having 40 minutes before the tour we checked out the information centre.

We walked through looking at all the bizarre animals that are based on fossils that have been found, we came to this small cave. Steve and I decided it would be a good idea to climb through this in the dark, Steve used his torch and led the way and we managed to climb through without getting stuck Surprisingly.

We made our way down to the Victoria Fossil Tour which is a short drive from the information centre. The Victoria Fossil Tour was amazing. We went through caves with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and rock formations. The tour ended in the fossil room.which stills has a multitude of fossils in the room. The guide told us stories about some animals which they have found fossils for. There are many animals from Australia that are now extinct. I found this fascinating as I have never heard about any of this before. The tour finished and we made our way back to do a self guided tour through the wet cave. The wet cave was well worth the tour. It was a beautiful cave with amazing formations.

At 4 we left the caves and headed towards Adelaide. We made a detour at sunset to the granites to practise some photography and then it was just a long drive to Adelaide. It was a quiet drive with some beautiful scenery. We arrived in Adelaide at 9 and settled in for the night.