Singapore/Hongkong - Day 4

Arriving in Hong Kong

It was an early start for us today. We headed to the airport to catch our 9:45 flight to Hong Kong. It was so much easier to fly this time as we had leg room. When we arrived at Hong Kong we had to get a bus from the tarmac to the terminal. Very weird set up.

We looked at the Disney store at the airport but no Duffy bear. Very sad.

We then took an airport express train. Which was very cool. It had a progress bar as you went from station to station. Hong Kong was extremely smoggy today. The views from the train were beautiful even through the smog. You could just see mountains and the sea. We then arrived at Hong Kong Station and took the free shuttle bus.

The free shuttle bus was a scary experience. The guy drove like a maniac driving right up the arses of cars and taking off and stopping and turning like a bloody idiot. We were thrilled to get off the bus as it meant we were alive.

We checked into the hotel and tried to calm down from the ride. It took a while but then we were ready to go out. We decided to hit Temple Street Night Market. It was good. There were some amazing stuff. Anthony bought me a glass blown necklace and a stitch usb. Both are awesome. Anthony also had his first go at haggling and was very pleased with himself.

We came back to the hotel and then found somewhere to get dinner. Sleep time now as tomorrow is NYE!