Singapore/Hongkong - Day 8

Ocean Park

Today we headed off to Ocean Park which is the biggest Theme Park in Hong Kong. The site actually covers two different sides of the mountain and the only way to travel between them is by cable car or train which goes through the mountain.

Anyway we started the day Early and took to the train to Admiralty station and transferred onto the Ocean Park bus. It was such an easy way to transport in and as they expected crowds they were prepared for whatever came. It was about a 20-25 min ride on the bus and then we arrived at Ocean Park.

We entered quickly as we had pre brought out tickets and made our way quickly to the cable car. We had decided we would start on the top part of the park to avoid taking the cable car in the peak periods. We had to wait about 30 min in line for the cable cars and then we were able to board. We got a cable car to ourselves which was nice. The view between the two parts of the park is beautiful. Actually from most parts of the park you can see the Ocean.

Once on the top part of the park we head off to explore. We decided to go on the ride Hair raiser first as their was no line. It was a roller coaster with 2 loop da loops and it went very fast. The best part about this roller coaster though is the view of the ocean. The view on the loops are amazing, if you can keep your eyes open. Anthony loved this roller coaster and we ended up riding it again later in the day,

Next stop was the North pole encounter. In here they had seals, sea lions and walruses. Neither Anth or I had ever seen a walrus and it was beautiful to watch them swimming around and talking to each other. They are amazing animals. We headed into the Arctic Fox Den next and they were sleeping. They are very cute animals though.

We headed onto a ride called Arctic express which was a more tame roller coaster. It was still fun. We headed into the ride part and went onto a fast spin ride as well. I then wanted to have a go at a carnival game where you try and catapult frogs into a lily pad to win a prize. I got 2 in and won a medium prize. (I gave this to a little girl later) Anthony also bought some grilled squid to take with him.

From the carnival area we headed down to the Rainforest area. This was a cute area that takes you through the rainforest. There are parts too that you can use water guns to squirt people on the rapids ride below you. We got to see a few birds and reptiles which was very interesting. We continued down the road and decided to ride Ocean Park Tower which is a 360 degree observation tower. Anthony used this time to try and take a panorama of Ocean Park.

We headed down further to try another ride called Mine train. The ride went over parts of the ocean. I was able to use my go pro on this ride so i will try and get some footage up soon.

We ventured next to the World of Sea Jellies. There were so many different jellies and they were all illuminated. Our feet were sore and we were tired, we were looking for a seat to rest when we got lucky. The closest thing was Ocean Theatre and it was only 20min from the dolphin show starting. We sat down to rest and watch the show. The show was good, not as good as the ones in Australia though.

From the dolphin show we caught the train back to the first part of the park. We checked out the Pandas which were beautiful and then headed to the the Grand Aquarium. It was cool to see all the different fish, The aquarium was really well set out as well. We were happy enough to call it a day so we headed to the bus and back to our hotel.

We need to have a good rest tonight as tomorrow we are heading to another country for the day Macau.