Singapore/Hongkong - Day 13

Last Day in Hong Kong

We had planned to take it easy today as we were so tired from some full on days in Hong Kong. We were trying to pack our stuff when the most horrible thing happened. My beautiful camera slipped off the bed and the SD card door snapped. While fixable it means i cannot use my camera. I was so upset.

We got all the stuff into our bags and then headed out to Cannon to get a quote for the camera repair. Incase we need it for insurance. We then went back to the Jade MArket to get one more thing and then headed home. As my camera is broken I have no pictures for you today. But I do have some videos we have been working on

Segways in Singapore (Keep an eye out for Anthony causing accidents)

Buzz Light Year

Mystic Manor Ride

Toy Soilder Parachute Drop

Cinderella’s Carousel

Mine Train

Dragons Treasure