New Zealand - Day 6

Rainy Taupo

After a wonderful day yesterday we were a bit slower moving today. We made our way down to Taupo from Matamata. The weather was horrid but Anthony and I have a rule that weather cannot stop us so we donned our raincoats are drove on. We arrived in Taupo and decided to do the Ernest Kemp cruise. It was still raining but we boarded the boat and made ourselves comfortable. The boat cruise took us out onto like Taupo. This lake is huge it was formed by a volcano eruption way back and the lake is bigger then Singapore. We went and saw the Maori Carving which were very impressive .

We then headed down to Huka Falls to see the Falls. It was amazing I have never seen such powerful and fast flowing water in my life. It is one of the main sources of hydro power in the North Island.

We had prawns for lunch at the prawn park, which were Delicious.

We then spent our last afternoon in a private mineral spring at Taupo De Bretts it costs $22 per person for full day entry into the pools and private mineral springs. We hoped into a 38 degree one and it was amazing. Then we drove back.