Taiwan and Japan - Day 1

Long Long Trip to Taiwan

Let me start off by saying that today was the longest day in the world. It started when we arrived at Melbourne airport and we had to queue in the longest line in existence. We finally made it to the front of the counter and the lady took 30 min to check us in. We were cutting it close at this point and were stressing about getting through security and immigration. Somehow Rob, Sarma, Anthony and I who were much further behind then Chris and Steve somehow beat them out of security. We all finally made it together and just in time for our boarding time. However we needed not have rushed as the flight had been delayed. We also realised that Steve was the only one who had not gotten a boarding pass for our connecting flight. We finally boarded the Qantas jet and settled in for our long flight. We all did different things on the flight. I spent the time and watched Ant man (which I really enjoyed), Minions (all right) and some of pitch perfect when was terrible. I played some Yo-Kai watch on DS and finally we arrived late at Hong Kong Airport.

We were stressing about catching our connecting flight due to the delay. However when we arrived there was a lady stating there with all of our names on a piece of paper. She said who has no boarding pass. Then told Steve and us to follow her and she took of through the airport in the fastest run known to man kind. I mean she flew. Steve kept up with her and the rest followed behind until we finally got to a counter. Steve was given his boarding pass and we were told to hurry so we didn’t miss the flight. We were escorted through the staff security point and rushed into the terminal train to get to the gates. Then the train broke down. We couldn’t get off the lady was starting to stress. It took a little whole but the security guards managed to pull the door open manually and we got out and continued running. We found out the girls name was Rebecca and we thanked her profusely as we made it in time for final call.

By this time I was getting a migraine and feeling sick. I did not eat anything on this flight and took some panadol and slept. I woke up just before landing and felt a bit better luckily. The flight was short because we had a good tail wind.

However the adventure would continue as we got to Taipei. We joined the long long line for immigration which curved around like a snake everywhere. It took 1 hr and a half to get through immigration and we spent the time talking amongst ourselves and watching these 2 little kids muck around. Finally we were out. We found our bags and headed out of the airport. We stopped at a convenience shop and got some food. Anthony and I got a sushi wrap which was amazing and then I had the hard decision of picking what Asian tea i wanted. We finally found the bus terminal and payed NT 125 for a ticket. We piled on the bus and headed to Taipei Main Station.

When we got to the station however we realised the trains had stopped as it was after midnight local time. We headed to the curb and found 2 taxis that helped us get to the hotel. We finally arrived at our hotel and settled into our rooms. I was very excited because Anthony and I got the room I wanted that had the bear wallpaper. It was 4am Australian time by the time we settled in for the night. So much went wrong today but not to worry as we are here safe and sound and ready for adventure,