Taiwan and Japan - Day 14

Shopping and a strange night

Well for those of you who know Anth and I well it will come to no surprise to you that we are nerds. Our main loves are Disney and transformers so it will come as no surprise to you that today was a shopping day at Tokyo’s nerd Central Nakano Broadway (You thought I was going to say Akihabra). Nakano Broadway is life Akihabara however all of their anime and other shops are located on 2 floors, which makes it very convenient for shopping. Anthony, Tim, Lobada, Rob and I headed out and spent hours combing it floors, with drew, Dani and Brad joining us n hour or two later. It was a really amazing place. While we were there we got approached by a newspaper reporter who wanted to interview foreigners in Nakano. We agreed and he asked us some questions and the proceeded to follow us around for a while and take some photos. He said he would email us when the article came out so that’s pretty cool.

At 6pm we had to go to met up with Sarma and Chris who had been with Sarma’s friends all day. We stopped by the hotel to pick up Steve who had had a quite day and the 6 of Taiwan met up in Shibuya. We met Sarma’s Japanese friends Ayumi and Chika and they were lovely. They took us to a restaurant in Shibuya. It was a really nice dinner. We then went shopping at the Disney store and Sarma bought the lovely ladies a bear each. Sarma is such a nice gentleman. However the night could not stop there as Chris wanted to go to Akihabra and go to a maid cafe.

20 min later and we were being escorted up to a maid cafe. Chris was so excited. Rob did not look as excited. We were seated and the maid dressed us all in ears. Lets keep this brief and say that there were games, repeating songs, a weird experience which was a little like grade prep for me. We stayed for their little concert and Chris bought a glow stick. It was a crazy and odd experience. We got our signed photos with our maid and then it was time to go home.