Taiwan and Japan - Day 18

DisneySea Day 2

So with 2 days left in Japan we decided to split up and do our own things based on what we liked. Today was a late start for most of us except Chris because we are pretty sure he is a robot who could walk all day and doest need sleep. Anthony and I were doing our second day at Disneysea and the others were splitting up for shopping and Gundam front.

Anthony and I started very late start as we needed to do washing in the morning as we had run out of socks. So it want until about 1:30 when we arrived at Disney sea. This wasn’t too bad as our feet had been very sore so it was nice to rest them for a bit. We arrived and were greeted by the music of disney. I will say that in all the shows and around the park I have love hearing the songs in Japanese. I would love to buy a soundtrack but i think I will have to you tube them.

Anthony and I decided we would have a Steve day in the parks. I really wanted to take our time walking around and taking in all the details and I will say it was a good idea. When we entered the park Mickey was there greeting and we had a poke around in all the shops. Anthony wanted to collect all the pressed pennys so we started our journey through the park looking for these and by the end of the day we had collected them all.

Our first stop was to the Gondola’s as it is always something I have wanted to do. We waited and finally boarded a gondola with a gondolier on it. Anthony thought this was the best as the Japanese guy was talking in Italian. The gondolas go through the canals before heading out into the lake in front of the volcano. It was a very nice way to spend some time in the park and you realise how well they have done the themeing in Mediterranean Harbour. We were about to go under a bridge in the canals when the gondolier told us to shut our eyes. He sang a song in Italian and it echoed beautifully off the bridge and surrounds. Perfect acoustics. It was a really good After a brilliant time on the gondola’s we headed into American Waterfront.

Our first stop was to go to McDucks shop. They shop is themed after Scrooge Mc Duck from Ducktales and was very cool. The merchandise in it was rubbish but the shop interior was amazing. We then headed into the New York Deli for lunch. It did American Style sandwiches and was delicious. Again the theming of the restaurant was amazing.

We then headed around the park to collect Anthony’s Penny’s. We stopped in Mermaid Lagoon to see King Triton’s concert. This was a musical with a lot of the characters from the little mermaid. Ariel is on wires and flies (swims) over the crowds heads. It was a really cool show and the effects make you feel like you are under the sea with Ariel. We poked around Mermaid Lagoon after the show and marvelled in its creation. I can see why the kids love this area it is really like you have gone under the sea.

i really wanted to go to the Magic Lamp theatre in Arabian Coast so we made our way over there. This was a half live action and half 3D show in which we meet one of genies old owners. I really enjoyed it and as per normal the genie was hilarious. On the way out of the show I asked Anthony if he wanted to do the carousel in Arabian Coast is pretty amazing, Its 2 story and themed well into Arabian Coast.

We spent the rest of the night drifting around. We rode Storm rider and Aquatopia in Port Discovery and then decided to have dinner. I choose the Japanese restaurant Sakura in American Waterfront. The food was amazing and was definitely worth the wait. We took some more pictures, did some shopping and then called it a day.

I will miss Disneysea it is definitely the best theme park in the world. It is worth the trip to Japan just to go there.