New Zealand - Day 5

A Suprising Day

Today was meant to be our Helicopter tour at Mt Cook. However the weather in Queenstown was terrible so we were not feeling positive about getting to go. Either way we set off to drive to Mt Cook. The roads here are unbelieveable and none of us were concerned about the 3 hours drive we faced. We made a few stops along the way and our first stop was at a hyrdo station. It was pretty cool.

We stopped for a sushi breakfast in a small town and then continued on our way to Mt Cook. The clouds were low and it was raining as we arrived but fingers still crossed we drove to Mt Cook Airport to see what was happening. Unfortunelty the weather was too bad for it to go ahead. The lady was lovely and booked us onto a tour tomorrow at 12pm. She allowed us to get our boots and our crampons sorted so we did not need to get to the airport to early the next day. Fingers crossed the weather is better tommorow.

We were now faced with nothing to do today so we drove into MT Cook Alpine Village. We stopped into the cafe to have lunch and had the beautfiul view of the mountains while we were eating. This area of NZ has a lot of Salmon food products and the boys have been very impressed with the salmon. It was still raining so we relaxed inside for a while. We then decided to have a quick look through the information centre.

We decided to drive to the glacial lake and have a look around there. On the way we stopped to fly the drone around the mountains and took some picture as it was so pretty. The cloud had started to clear a bit and being surrounded by snow mountains was breathtaking. We all cannot believe that scenary like this exists. So pretty.

Finally we made it to the the glacier lake and hiked all the way to the top of the mountain. It was actually a really steep hike but the view up the top was amazing. We could see the whole Mt Cook Valley from the top as well as the glacial lake with a few ice bergs. The glacier here was very dirty as it is constanly moving. We were pretty excited as hopefully we would be on that glacier tomorrow.

After the long walk down the mountain we made our way to Lake Tekapo where we were staying the night. We stopped numerous times to take pictures of the views and the sunset and made our way into Tekapo as night fell.

The evening was spent having an amazing meal at the local japanese resturant, then Steve, Tom, Rob and I spent an hour in the spa. I dragged Steve, Rob, Chris amd Joe out of the house at 11.30 to go take some night photos down at the Church by the lake. Amazing. We has such a good day even though we didnt get to do out main activity.