Osaka Day 2

Halloween at USJ

After all sleeping very well last night we met down stairs at 8am. We wandered our way to the train station stopping for our vending machine coffee. Duy and Joe have quickly fell into the same routine as Anthony and Chris so I feel the BOSS coffees will become a staple.

After taking the wrong train we found our way to Universal Studios Japan. We decided to stop and have breakfast at a resturant called Eggs and Things. Really good breakfast. Quote of the day was the waiter who asked Joe and Chris what drinks they wanted. They replied “none please!”” He looked horrifed and said “You must Choose!”

Fueled with breakfast. We were ready to start the day. We had prebooked our park tickets and 2 express passes online so it was straight into the park. We entered in ready for a great day.

Our first stop was straight into Harry Potter World. There were no timed tickets for entry today but it wasn’t too busy. We stopped to admire the beautiful town of Hogsmeade and then had a butter beer. Last time we came we all had a hot butterbeer and none of us were that keen on them. This time we tried the cold one. It was so much better.

We went into Ollivanders wand show and did a tour of Hogwarts it was great. Anthony and I would have to return here as we had express oasses for Harry Potter the ride. Satisified after seeing this amazingly themed land we headed to Amity Village.

In Amity Village Anthony and I used our express passes to skip the line for Jaws! It was a funny, fake drama ride but we really enjoyed it. We then joined up with the others who were eating giant pork buns. It was then time to head onto the Harry Potter ride which was sooooooo amazing.

We headed to the Waterworld show next which is a huge action packed show on water. There were explosions, guns, fire, jetskis, more explosions. It was actually a really enjoyable stunt show even though we didnt understand any of the Japanese.

After that amazing show we headed in Jurrasic world. We saw these cool Dinosaur animatronics walking around which was cool. The boys also found BBQ pork ribs here which were very nice and we stopped to eat a bit.

It was then time to ride the Flying Dinosaur. Anthony and I skipped the 2 hour line with our fast passes and OMG!!! It is the scariest rollercoaster I have been on. You ride lying down. It was really good but scary.

We explore the rest of the Park. We all rode Spiderman 4D whcih was great we also watched Terminator 2D which was meh. We headed back to Harry Potter World and had dinner in the 3 broomsticks. It was delicious. When we had finished the line for Harry Potter had dropped to 20 minutes. So all of us got to go on.

It is Halloween Horror Nights on at the moment. We had the pleasure of going to all the Zombie Zones. It was great. They have a Cute, Mutant, Tribal, Punk, Pirate, Chemical Zombies walking around scaring people. It was so much fun. Having been on our feet from 8 am until 9. Anthony and I decided to head home to snooze. The rest… well who knows what they are up to. It was a great day at Universal.

Anthony here with a last minute edit. This was too good not to include.