Kyoto Day 9

We have to leave

Today is our last day in Japan. We had packed our bags the night before and had planned to head to the Golden Pavillion before checking out. It was a 15min walk to the golden pavillion and we arrived before opening. We waited until 9 and then wandered in with the school groups. The tickets for the Golden Paviilion were awesome.

We walked around and took photos of the pavillion. It is so pretty and so shiny! It was overcast today and we were thinking what it would be like in the sun. Blinding I imagine. We got the whole area done in 20 minutes and managed to get the stamp before racing back toour hotel before the 10am check out.

From our hotel we took all of our bags back to Kyoto station and stored them in the lockers so we were free to walk around. We did some shopping and found some awesome things at BIC Camera and then we went to have our last lunch togther. Duy booked the wrong flights back so he returns the day after us.

Sad we departed company and took ourselves to the airport. I love this country so much and I really did not want to leave. The flight home was uneventful besides some really bad turbalence. It has been such an amazing trip with such amazing people. We have onlyscratched the surface of what Japan offers. I will be back again!