Singapore Day 4

Jurong Bird Park

Today we had a later start and headed by train and local bus to Jurong Bird Park, We walked through the arab quarter to stretch our legs and then headed to Starbucks to have breakfast and book our tickets.

The train ride didnt take too long and we arrived at Boon Lay station. We were walking towards the bus terminal when Anthony saw Popeyes and decided he wanted a snack because he wanted to try Popeyes due to good mythical morning liking it.

It was then a short bus ride to Jurong Bird Park. The park is not far out from suburbs of Singapore. However once you get there is is very green and lush. We had prebooked our tickets from go voyagin and it was easy to redeem and get in. We went to the penguins first and they were so cute.

We then started the walk through the park. We saw so many amazing birds in the first section. My favourite part was the wetlands section, we spen ages there watching the bird play in the water. I love the pink spoonbills. They are pink because the eat a diet of shrimps and crabs which makes thier feathers stay pink.

We also watched two spoonbills chasing each other around playing with sticks. They were so funny.

Ater amusing ourselves the the birds we moved on to the Toucan and Hornbill section. The birds were pretty but we also came across and enournous wild lizard sitting on the top of the cage and then a smaller one near us eating ants. We watched it for a while before it ran off into the bush.

We then went into Lory Loft where you can feed the lorikeets. They had no fear and just flew onto you to eat. It was really amazing. One kept trying to eat Anthonys hat which was hilarious.

Hot and bothered we decided to do a lap of the zoo in the tram. It is such a pretty zoo. The whole loop took abut 20 minutes and then we ended up back near Lory Loft. The next section was birds of prey and we were also finally able to get a picture of the squirrels that we had seen wild all day.

It was then time for the shows. We saw a cool show featuring parrots and all other smaller birds. During the grand finale the lady said head of birds would be coming out and she announced them all. While they were coming out I nearly ran out of the arena because about 20 pelicans came out…. not what I call a grand finale. The group of flamingos that came out were cool though.

We also saw a birds of prey show which was great. Not as good as the one at Healesville. They had a lot of vultures.

The last stop for today was at Flamingo Lake.

We then caught the bus back and headed out for dinner. Finishing the night with a meal at Ichibanya which was super amaxing.