Canberra Day 2

Zooventure Time

This morning we got up and headed to do a boat cruise around Lake Burley Griffin. We went with southern cross tours and they took us around the lake for 90 min. We saw a lot of the monuments and it turns out every country has donated stuff to Canberra. For example: Italy donated Marble columns to the library of Canberra. We also saw where Malcolm Turnbull bought when he was Prime minster.

It was after the cruise that Anthony literally had his coffee explode on him. So back to the Accommodation we went. After we had washed his clothes to remove stains we headed to the zoo for our zoo tour. Anthony had booked this for my birthday. It was called Zooventure. We arrived a bit early and had a look around the zoo. It was a very nice zoo actually.

The zoo tour was amazing. First we went to feed the sun bears. They were so cute. There are a male and a female sunbear. The female was saved from a restaurant in Indonesia, they were going to eat her as bear soup. We fed the sunbears some apple from a fork. There claws were huge but they are so gentle.

The next section we ventured into the Australian Area. We had a look at the Tasmanian Devils and Tawny frog mouths. Our animal to feed here was the majestic Emu. He was actually so gentle easting apples off our hand.

It was off to the deers and Alpaca next. We got to feed them carrots and celery. The Alpaca’s name was George. He was gorgeous. The Deer were nice to.

We then wandered into the African area. We fed the Elots which are huge deers. We then went into the Giraffe Area to feed them. The animals were very cool.

We went to find the Rhino’s next and we got to pat them. They are huge and feel really weird.

We then got to hold a snake. It was a python which was very gentle and actually quite nice to hold.

The end of the tour we got to feed otters and a tiger. The otters were so cute squeaking at us to get more food. The tiger was magnificent he was an old tiger and so gently came and ate the meat.

It was an amazing tour. However we were super hot so we headed back to the accommodation. We headed out into the “China town” for dinner and ended up getting some Indian. After dinner we drove up to the top of Mt Ainslie to watch the sunset. It was really pretty up there.