South Korea Day 6

Shopping Day in Seoul

Today was much more of a rest day. We all slept in.. well except Chris and Joe who are always awake. We had a few false starts in the morning and then decided to just do a city day doing a few bits and peices. Leaving Tim at the hotel the rest of us headed for the Electronics Market in Seoul. Hungry we stopped for a quick 7/11 breakfast and then attempted to find the market.

Chris really wanted to find the video games and after a lot of walking we came across the market. We browsed for a while but didn’t but anything. We then headed into one of the big malls. We found a Gandam Base store and lots of other things so we had a look around. Anthony got me the cutest Baymax and Stitch statues. We decided to head back to the hotel to pick up Tim for lunch.

We headed to a beef resturant with Tim in tow that we found on Mikey Chen’s youtube videos. He said this was some of the best Steak South Korea has to offer. The meal was really really nice however I will say it did not come close to beating the Kobe Steak we had last year.

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping in Myeondong looking for KPOP idol stuff. I shopped in Artbox which is such a cool little store. We dropped Tim and Rob whose legs are both not doing well back at the hotel and Anthony, Chris, Joe and I went and had sushi for dinner. Ealry night again as we are off to the DMZ tomorrow.