Japan Day 8

Off to Kyoto we go

Ahh travels days! Always the bane of the trip however this one went off without too many hitches. We were up and ready by 6:10am where I had organised a van to come to take us to the airport. With Robs feet and Tim’s feet we thought a van would be a much easier way then lugging our luggage through multiple train stations and stairs. It was easy enough and before we knew it we were saying Goodbye to Rob :( and grabbing some last minute Korean breakfast.

The flight from Seoul to Osaka was pretty quick and painless. There was maybe 35 people on the whole plane so it was a quite trip. We listened to Abroad in Japan which is our favourite pod cast and enjoyed the flight. We arrived in a weird terminal in Osaka and took a bus across to the main terminal. We turned in our JR passes and got tickets to the fast train to Kyoto. Oh man is it good to be back in this country!!!

The fast train was Hello Kitty themed which was super cool. We sat back and relaxed and enjoyed the high speeds through the suburbs of Osaka and Kyoto.

We arrived at our hotel which is amazing. It is huge and comfortable and OMG Japanese bathrooms i missed so much. You just choose your water temperature and the bathroom can also turn into a dryer for clothes. I am in love!!!! The view from the hotel is amazing as well. I actually think I might live here forever.

After a rest and shower we joined up with Dani, Drew, Jed and Sue and headed into Gion for a look around. Gion is such a beautiful district. We then headed down into the old streets. I asked Joe to keep his eyes peeled for Geisha’s and he found 2 of them we were able to take photos of. It was great.

We then headed to Yasaka street which is meant to have one of the best views in Gion. It did not disappoint.

We then had Coco Curry for dinner. Joe got his curry for free becuase they forgot about him. Yay for first night in Japan. I am so happy to see Dani and Drew!