Vietnam Day 5

Merry Squidmas One and all

I woke up early 6:05 and drew the blind back. It was Christmas and the view that greeted me out the window was ocean and the amazing rock formations of Halong Bay. What a beautiful way to start the day. I finished yesterday blog as we drifted past more and more beautiful scenery.

We headed up for Breakfast which was a buffet breakfast it was amazing. They had a pho and omelet station where you could order your food. After breakfast I called Mum for Christmas then called the extended family. Shoutout to my cousin Ben for running me around to everyone before my very poor reception cut out.

From here we were all headed onto the day boat for the day. We cruised to the outer region of Halong Bay in about 1 and a half hours. The day boat was big and comfortable. We relaxed, talked and attempted to play a Vietnamese board game. Before long we were at the destination.

We could choose to Kayak or take the motorboat across to a secluded beach. We chose to Kayak across. We got wet but man it was amazing to Kayak through Halong Bay, Rob who has never Kayaked before and does not do well in water did amazingly and we all made it safely across to the secluded beach.

We had an hour on the beach to swim or relax. There was literally only us on the beach plus another small boat group. There was no one else anywhere around. Tommy our guide told us that only 2 or 3 boats are allowed to go there. I built some sandcastle went for a walk in the water and took some photos before it was time to stop relaxing and kayak the 25 minutes back to the day boat.

Back on the day boat we had an amazing lunch. We were served 6 courses of themost delicious food. We enjoyed Christmas lunch and didnt have to do the dishes. We rested on the boat in the sun and spoke to some of the others on the cruise. We have met some really amazing people from so many different countries.

Back on the boat we relaxed for the afternoon. We had a Jacuzzi and just rested. Sooo good! The photo below I have stolen 100% from Steve because it is sooo bloody beautiful. This is his sunset photo.

Before dinner we went to the second cooking class and this time made fresh rolls. They were good. Dinner was a set menu of 5 courses. The presentation was amazing.

Tired we did a bit of squid fishing (no luck) then retired for the night I am not going to want to leave tomorrow.