South Australia - Day 1

On the road to Adelaide

We left home at about 10 to start our first day of our last minute planned trip to South Australia. Today involved a lot of driving, talking and listening to Dragon Friends poscast.

We have decided to try and get photos with all of Australia’s big things we pass while road tripping and today we managed to get 2 of them. We stopped in Ballarat first to take a picture with the Big Miner and also saw some pretty interesting statues. We then stopped again at the Giant Koala.

Our next stop was at Border Town. We stopped to see some of the white kangaroos and have a bit of a stretch.

We only made 1 other quick pit stop and that was to check out the silos at Coonalpyn. They are pretty cool. After a long drive we made it to Adelaide. We ordered room service for dinner and some bubble tea and settled in for the night.