South Australia - Day 7

Day at Monarto

Today I had planned something a bit special for us to do. We arrived at Monarto Zoo at opening as we had to be there early for the Cheetah encounter. We would be going back stage to see all the cheetahs.

The Cheetahs were so amazing. We met 5 different cheetahs and got to get up really close to them. We learnt all about them. My favourite was Kwatile who was a cub they had to hand rear. She also has had surgery on her eye and now has a tigers eye on her left side. She was just stunning she spent the whole time purring and looking super cute.

We also met Mapenzi, Kuishi and Mara who were super cheeky. They stalked us along the fence line for ages. It was such a good experience. Here are heaps of cute cheetah pictures.

We then went all around the zoo in the safari bus. The zoo is the biggest in Australia and the habitats are super big so it is too far to walk between all of them. The bus actually goes through all the habitats including the lions and hyenas. It was amazing.

It was a great day at the zoo and we just had a quiet afternoon at the hotel.