Trip 2 - Day 2

Boating through the rain

We had an amazing breakfast at Max’s Restaurant to start us off in the morning and then we headed back into the Prom. Our first stop was to do the Prom Wildlife walk. This walk is 2.4km circuit which you are meant to be nearly guaranteed to see some wildlife. We saw lots of ants to start with and then we saw some Emus off in the distance. Anthony was about to head off closer to the emus when i gave him the friendly reminder to “Watch out for snakes” Just as I said that he yelled snake as a red belly black snake went in front of him about a foot away. We stayed very calm and watched it slither away.

We continued the walk and saw many more animals including these amazing florescent bugs. They were so cool. It was a really nice place to go for a walk.

After the wander around we had to head back to tidal river to go on our cruise. We were on a boat that took us around the bay area. We got to see eagle nests, the southern most point of Mainland Australia and also the first island of Tasmania. We then went to see seal colonies and skull rock. It was a great cruise until the weather changed and we had to hurry back. The wind and speed of the boat was so fast that the rain felt like needles hitting our faces. It wasn’t long until we were back on land.

We headed back to our accommodation for some dinner and got to see another wombat!!!

After dinner we headed out to the beach. It was thunder storming but we thought we would try and see the sunset. After being caught in the middle of the storm it did clear up for a pretty beautiful sunset.