Campervan Trip - Day 2

Heading to the land of Craters

We woke up in the camper van after a fairly comfortable sleep. We made our morning coffee’s and teas and packed up the van to get moving. We decided to do a small hike before setting off so we headed through the botanical gardens and onto the Venus Bath hike. It was quite an easy hike and so pretty, The cliffs around you are huge and the the nature is so pretty. when we got the actual Venus Baths there were so many little pools of water where the stone has worn away. There were so many families having a swim and a run around. Such an amazing place. We strolled our way back to the van and headed off to our next stop.

With a brief stop in Hamilton for lunch we made it to Mount Gambier by 2pm. Welcome back to South Australia. We checked into our caravan park which is situated right next to Mount Gambiers Blue Lake and then headed out for some more adventures. We went to the information centre and Woolworths to get some stuff for dinner and then headed to Umpherson Sinkhole.

The Umpherson Sinkhole is in the middle of Mount Gambier. It is a sinkhole that has been turned into the most beautiful garden. The views up top are spectacular and as you head down into the gardens you realise just how deep the sinkhole goes. There were all these huge ivy columns coming down from the top of the roof all over the cave side. Pictures really do not do this place justice.

Taking our van back to the caravan park we decided to do a walk to Blue Lake. The colour of this lake is magnificent. I really have never seen anything so blue. It is also the main source of water for Mt Gambier which is cool. We spent a while up there and then headed across to Valley Lake and Mutton Lake both of which are only a short walking distance from here too.

After a wonderful day exploring we headed back to the van to have a relax. Cook dinner and just settle in for the night.