Mungo National Park

Exploring Mungo

With covid still running everywhere at the moment we decided to road trip to the more remote Outback NSW. Our first stop was to a small town across the border in NSW called Balranald. On the way we accidently stopped at the place that has Australia’s best vanilla slice and to be honest it was pretty good. We also made a quick stop in SwanHill to see the Giant Murry Cod. Just another one to add to the giant things in Australia list.

Balranald is a really cute little town it is full of frog statues so we enjoyed going for a wander to see them. While we were in Balranald we went to see some of the local attractions before heading to Mungo National Park.

We headed out to Yanga National Park and Homestead. You pick up audio guides from the local town and then its a self guided tour. It was a pretty cool place to explore and escape the heat. It would have been such an intresting place back in the day as it is literally in the middle of nowhere. It was also nice they have left the homestead how it had been lived in.

We then took some of the dirt roads out to an old woolshed. It was getting so hot at this stage so we only stayed for a quick look and then headed back for a rest before Mungo.

The Mungo Tour picked us up from our hotel. It was a nice small group of us and we headed to a small hotel in the middle of nowhere called the Homebush Hotel. The people in the outback are always so lovely. We had a got chat with some of the locals and then were back on a very bumpy road into the heart of Mungo Nationa Park.

We arrived at the Mungo Visitor Centre and had some time to look around before we had afternoon tea. The history in this area of Australia is amazing. The oldest preserved bodies (Mungo Women and Mungo Man) are the oldest in the world. The history dates backs 40000 years which i truly incredible. There are old fossils and lots of information about the traditional owners of the land. There was also an old woolshed from the European Settlers which was very well preserved.

It was then finally into Mungo National Park to see the Walls of China as well as walk through the dunes at sunset. I can only say this was one of the most magical things I have done. It is so much more impressive in person and is simply stunning. The last sunset we aw of 2021 was equally as beautiful.

It was then a very scare drive home in the dark. Our driver did an amazing job!! What a magical place Mungo was. Next up a few days in Broken Hill