Top End - Day 2

Fogg Dammit

Today after a very big sleep we went out to go and collect the car. We have rented a car from enterprise and so far they have been a delight to deal with. We got upgraded to a compact SUV which is brand new. After the car ick up we did some boring shopping for Coffee and other supplies and then we were off for the day.

Our first stop was to Aquascene. To be fair I was going to skip this but we decided it wasnt far so we would go have a look. I am so glad we didn’t skip it. For $15 you head out onto the ocean when the tide is in. You can feed bread to all the fish that come in for the day. They are all wild so you can not go too far in as any ocean creatures could be out deeper. We fed the mullets, the milk fish, bream and diamond fish and Bob the Barramundi.

They are amazing. They swim all around you and you can hand feed them. Anthony was evil and decided to spinkle bread around me so I was swarmed by fish. (I think we might need a divorce) but the whole experience was amazing. We also got to speak the the local tour operator that explained to us all about the fish and the area. Did you know Milk fish are the national fish of the Philippines. Very interesting. We ended up spending 40 minutes here and would have spent longer but the tide was heading out. So we did too.

After an amazing time with the fish we headed out to Humpty Doo to get some lunch. Humpty Doo Hotel is world famous. They have been in a couple of songs as well as having the worlds largest water buffalo horns behind the bar. We decided to have the trio of burgers which included a Crocodile, Buffalo and Barramundi burger. They were pretty good.

From here we headed to Fogg Dam which is a mangrove area in the middle of wetland country. What we saw of it was beautiful however we had walked 5 minutes when we were attacked by 100’s of mosquitoes and realised we left our bug spray at the hotel . So it was a quick dash back to the car and a drive to Woolworths to get some more.

By the time we had bug spray in hand it was time to head to the Jumping Crocodile Cruise. We decided to go with original cruise on the smaller boat ‘The Pathfinder’ this was a really good choice. The cruise was absolutely amazing. The crocs jump so close to the boat and are huge. It is a tiny bit scary. Our guide was amazing, he knew all of the crocs by name and spoke to them like old friends. We loved it so much we are debating doing it again on the way back from Kakadu. They also feed the kites which was amazing too.

We drove back to Darwin and headed to a Japanese Restaurant for dinner. They had the best curry I have had since Japan. We will be back there. Anyway time to call it a night. Off to Litchfield tomorrow.