Sunshine Coast - Day 1

Day Thirteen

So today we headed off on another adventure. Having done Australia’s deserts and tropics the last few trips we decided to head beach side to see some different stuff in this huge country. So we found ourselves at Melbourne Airport bright and early meeting up with our good friends Drew and Dani to head up the the Sunshine Coast. We flew up with Qantas and for a change Melbourne Airport was actually quick and easy!

The flight itself was fine. I listened to my audio book and played some switch while the others read and before we knew it we were seeing the most beautiful views coming into Sunshine Coast Airport. We picked up our bags and the rental car (which was no fuss at all thanks SIXT) and then started our journey to our first stop of Hervey Bay. The scenery as we drove was really pretty its a mix of forest and tropics on the highways. The drive was easy, mostly because Drew drove. The funniest thing that happened was we made a mix list of songs to play (which had 10 songs each) and it was funny as Anthony’s songs did not get chosen on random for an hour. He was not amused.

We made a stop in Maryborough to see the Mary Poppins statue and the bank. I only just found out that P L Travers who wrote Mary Poppins was born above the bank in Maryborough QLD. They have now turned the bank into a museum for her books but all of the history and links to the Mary Poppins books are in this town. There is a walk you can do that sees more of the buildings but we didn’t have time today. It is a very interesting little bit of history I did not know much about. I think I may have been the only one who found this interesting but thats ok :)

We then made our way to the hotel which is right across from the beach. Settled in quickly and then walked ourselves down for dinner at Badger Brown Burgers. They were actually really really good. After that is was off to do a few chores and settle in for the night as it is a early rise tomorrow morning. Also Anthony wanted this called Day 13 as we are in room 13 and our table number was 13.