Sunshine Coast - Day 3

Wildlife in Fraser Coast

Today we were meant to be doing the Turtle and Cultural Cruise around the islands of Hervey Bay. However, we got a message yesterday saying that it was going to be cancelled due to the high winds. So we were left with a empty day. I spent the morning doing some quick research to reschedule the day. Dani, Drew and I went down to the beach early to stick our feet in. The tide was a bit strong to go for a full swim.

Our first stop for the day was to Reef World which is a small family run aquarium in Hervey Bay. It is all lit by natural sunlight and filters the tanks from the seawater meaning it is as natural as you can get. It was a small aquarium, but its tanks were very cool, very natural and not overstocked. The owner and his workers were so amazing and were happy to let us talk their ears off with questions we had and really just took their time to explain things to us. The people really make the place unqiue. We saw so many fish and eels. My favourite was the Seasnake which had the most beautiful scales.

After the main tanks we got to go out and see their rescued sea turtles. These turtles cannot go back out to sea but a so beautiful. They come up for pats occasionally and we were lucky enough to be able to feed them. They were so amazing and as they are eating the spit the salt water our of there nose so they are not drinking it. It was so cute.

After feeding the turtles we headed down to the main area of Hervey Bay. We went into the hat shop to get Drew and Dani some hats. The lady in here was super lovely and helped us out getting what we needed. After that we put the new hats to the test and headed out to Urangan Pier. It is such a big pier and there were amazing sandbanks around. We got half way and saw heaps and heaps of blue crabs running around in groups and making mud balls. They were very cool. Then we had lunch at the Seafood place near the pier.

I know Dani and I were a little sad that we didn’t see a dingo yesterday so I organised for us to have a Dingo Experience this afternoon. So we headed to Fraser Coast Wildlife Park. When we got there Shaun took us down to the Dingo enclosure and we got to meet the dingo’s. We mostly spent time with Spirit who is an alpine Dingo. Each of the dingos here were born in captivity but the had a few types which was interesting to see the different types. Shaun was amazing we spent ages in the Spirit, giving her scratches and treats and the whole time he told us what he know about these dingoes and dingos in general. She was so cute and was amazing to spend time with.

After that we went and fed some kangaroos, wallabies and emus. It was a smal park but such a nice little park. Everyone there was so kind and took so much time to talk to us. I cannot explain how accomodating everyone was.

After a fun packed day we headed back to the hotel. Had a swim and then had dinner and icecream. It turned out to be a pretty great day.