Tasmania - Day 1

Lucky to have made it to Tassie

Well we are quite lucky to be currently sitting in our campervan in Tassie. We started the day up at 4 to catch a flight at 6. We originally were flying with qantas but they cancelled the flight yesterday and we got moved to Jetstar. We made in through check in and security with no issue and were lined up ready to board. After the plane was delayed for 20 minutes due to fog we were still ready to bored when Jetstar suddenly decided to cancel the flight. Many many annoyed people lined up to get their bags and to go to the Jetstar service counter for options. Now Anth and I watch a lot of you tube and know when this happens one of you tries the phone line and one of you looks at alternatives because chances are jetstar are not getting you anywhere.

We managed to get 2 cheap flights to Launceston in our cart from Virgin Australia while in line and when we spoke to Jetstar they could only offer us 8pm flights (Which sold out while she was speaking to us) or to fly tomorrow. So we quickly booked the Virgin flights and got our jetstar refunded as we would love much more money having to cancel parts of the trip. Booked onto a flight at 12:30pm we had 5 hours at the airport to waste. We grabbed some coffee and chilled and luckily at 12:30pm we were actually on a place. Jetstar cancelled due to weather but luckily the random weather wasn’t a problem to Virgin. Also we got a random upgrade on the Virgin fight so that was a bonus.

When we arrived we picked up our campervan and headed off to where we needed to be tonight which was Low head. We stopped at Woolworths to pick up some things and then organised our stuff in the campervan.

It was then time for the Low head penguin tour which was really cool. We got to see a beautiful sunset and then got to go down to the beach to see the penguins come in and head to their burrows. We even got to see two penguins get into a flipper fight.

We have headed back to have a quick ramen in the pot dinner and get some sleep now we have been up forever.