Tasmania - Day 4

The Western Wilds

Today was one of those days where you have plans and then you decide to change it on the spur of the moment. We woke up slowly as it was Anthony’s birthday and has a quick coffee while he opened his presents. While we were doing that we got visited by a very curious Currawong who wanted to come into our hotel.

By the time we were ready to leave we had a look outside and it was super sunny and clear. We were told the other day that Cradle Mountain is only super visible 60 days a year. So we jumped back on the cradle mountain bus and headed to Dove Lake. It was truly picture perfect when we got there. We stayed long enough to take some pictures and then headed back to the campervan to start our journey.

We drove to the Tracks Cafe in Queenstown. The road was very windy and covered in frost so it took a little longer than anticipated. We had a nice lunch and then headed to Iron Blow lookout. Iron blow lookout is a huge hole in the ground where a lot of the copper mining occurred originally in Queenstown. The whole area around here is barren and a little like Mars. The lookout itself was pretty cool. You have to walk right over the top of it to see down. On the drove back to Queenstown we stopped and looked at Horsetail falls before we started our long journey over to one of the most isolated town is Tasmania. Strahan.

We made it with plenty of time for us to go to the Huon Pine shop. Anthony has been very keen to get back and get some more Huon Pine because the piece he got 11 years ago still smells good. After we chose a few select pieces of wood we checked in to our caravan park for the night.

The last thing we needed to do was to get a birthday dinner for Anthony. So we headed to Hamers Bar and Bistro. The salmon that is sold to most places is breed in the harbour next to where we are so we thought it would be a good thing to get it fresh. Very very tired we settled in to watch some Netflix and had an early night. We have a big drive tomorrow after a big cruise.