The Red Centre - Day 5

New year! Lets Walk!

4:30 is really early in the morning but we all made it up on time to get to our sunrise tour. The first stop was to the sunrise viewing area. From here we had the sunset on one side and a view of Uluru on the other side. It was pretty amazing. There were lots of clouds in the sky but the colours were still good. Welcome to 2023!

It was then a 45min drive across to the Walpa Gorge which is in the middle of Kata Tuja. It is a walk right through the gorge. It was crazily big. I don’t think any pictures give you the size of it. We followed our guide right through the gorge taking many photos on the way. There was water here too and the coolest thing was in the water pools there were tiny little tadpoles. We found out these are from burrowing frogs. The walk was beautiful and luckily for us we got most of the walk done before the sun popped through the clouds.

We went to some lookout points for Kata Tuja and got to marvel at the beautiful 36 domes. It really is such a beautiful place. Then it was the end of the tour at 10am and we had already walked 7km.

The rest of the day was quiet. We went to an Astro presentation and walked around the area. WE had a bit of a nap and took it easy. We had a fancy dinner and now we are turning in for the night.