Philippines Day 3

Express gondala to the embassy!

So the drumming continued to midnight last night so it was a bit of a sleep in for us today.

Starbucks is right across the road from our hotel so our first stop was for some coffee. Also while I am thinking of it if you ever stay in Manila we are staying at 1898 Hotel Colonia En Las Filipinas and I would 100% reccommend it. The staff are amazing, its beautiful and comfy. Anyway we had coffee and watched the rain start. Luckily our first actual stop was a mall so it wouldn’t affect us to much.

We took a grab across to Venice Grand Canal mall which is near the BGC the newer developed area of Manila. It’s catchphrase is Experience the beauty and charm of Venice, Italy, right here in Manila! Well yep the managed to make a mall that is based on Venice. There are Carnivale people dressed up, gondalas on the canals and giant swan boats. Around the outsde of the mall was shops and things to do. It was pretty amazing. We did a walk around it and followed a sign that said Pigeon feeding, however we did not find any pigeons!

With no pigeons to feed and a huge line for the gondalas we headed to get a car to the BGC. We found the Italian Embassy while we were waiting so Anthony was very happy. The Bonifacio Global City (BGC) sells itself as a modern, master-planned urban development in Metro Manila, known for its upscale residential areas, commercial spaces, and vibrant lifestyle scene. Let me tell you it felt like we had driven to a completely different country. You can tell its all new development cause it is modern and thought out. It was really nice. Our first stop was to see the 3D Billboard and I may have made Anthony stand there for ages until we saw the 3D cat. It was really neat!

We walked down through the beautiful BGC and admired all the green spaces and buildings. There are a lot of cool art installations too and we really liked this trex crossing near the Mind Museum.

Anthony and I both really wanted Coco Curry so thats where we headed for lunch. Anthony was pretty excited as it is such good curry. We just don’t have anywhere in Melbourne that does it to the same level. Anyway it was delicious and amazing! We were both very happy.

We had a quick rest at the hotel and then headed out to Rizal Park hoping the weather would hold out as it looked like rain. We saw the giant flag pole and the monumnet to Dr Jose Rizal and then headed into the park which was ful of people having picnics and so many balls and shuttlecocks flying around it was crazy.

We saw the Japanese Garden which was very pretty and sat in there for a while until the Water and Light show started.

The light show started just before 6. We had a pretty good view and stayed for a couple of songs. They had lights, water jets and fire. Worth going to check out. However it was so humid so we decided to hike it back to the hotel just as it started pouring rain.

We have spent the rest of the night chilling at the hotel eating delicious food and even having a coconut! Its been a great day in Manila.