Japan Day 6

Disney Adventure

DISNEY DAY! I woke up very excited for today as we were going to Disneyland to see the new Beauty and the beast land. We had to take 3 trains to get to Disneyland but it was really quick and the trains were fairly empty. When we arrived at Disney there were people everywhere. Luckily Disney are organised and we were put into orderly lines and we passed through security and ticketing. Then we were in Tokyo Disney!

Step one after booking our fast passes was to get coffee and breakfast. We headed to Sweetheart cafe so we could get a Mike from Monsters Inc bread. We got our breads and sat with a couple from brazil for breakfast. The mike bread was legit Melon bread with actually melon taste. Normally Melon breads do not taste like melon.

We decided to got into the shops after breakfast before it got super busy. We bought a few things and made a note of things we were coming back to buy later so we didn’t have to carry them all day.

It was time for our first fast pass which was Haunted Mansion so we walked over towards that stopping to take pictures of the castle. The sun in the morning makes taking good photos of the castle very difficult. I should mention at this point how beautiful the weather was today it was 14 degrees abd clear skies. We also snuck in Philhar Magic which I always really adore. Its a 3D theatre show which follows donald losing control of the sorcerer hat and having to chase it through random disney movies. They have also added Coco to this since last time we saw it which was cool.

Haunted Mansion currently has a overlay of Nightmare before Christmas which is cool. You still get all the same Haunted Mansion ghosts and rooms but with added story from the nightmare before Christmas. We used our fast pass abd before we knew we bypassed the 80 minute queue and were on the ride.

Anthony’s favourite thing to do at Disneyland is to go to see the glassblower working. So we went to the shop for a while to watch him work. He was making Minnie when we were there.

Next it was onto the new Beauty and the Beast land it was stunning. We went on the ride first and to get onto that you walk past the castle that the ride is in. It looked exactly like the movie. The ride queue was amazing, you alk through the castles hallway and nd up in the main hall. Here you get pre entertainment retelling the story of beauty and the beast up until the point she refuses to come out to dinner. The main hall has animatronics of Belle and the beast. You then walk into the kitchen hope onto a teacup and ride through the rest of the scenes of beauty and beast. It was sooo good, I got off the ride and cried! The last photo is of me just after crying which is why I look extra puffy its not just from my bruises.

Anthony lined up to get me the beautiful Beauty and Beast Popcorn bucket which lights up stained glass and then we went across to Gastons Tavern for lunch. Anthony ended up getting Mulled Wine and a beer so he was very happy after lunch. This resturant was so fancy and so detailed as Gaston’s tavern.

I will make the rest of this blog more quick or we will be here forever. We did some more shopping. Ate Pistachio popcorn and milk tea popcorn. Both were really good. We went on Rodger Rabbits toon car spin where Anth made me super dizzy.

We headed to adventure land and did more shopping, went to the Tiki room and did pirates of the Caribbean. Best thing I saw today was the ride description for Pirates of the Caribbean. You will go on a journey with some fun loving pirates who will raid and pillage a city… Oh yes those fun loving pillaging pirates. Anyway the ride as always was amazing. We rode Buzz Light year where Anthony got a very impressive score.

We had dinner at Hungry Bear Cafe and then watched the Dreamlight Electrical Parade. At this point it was late and our feet were about to give out so we called it for the day and headed home. It was such a great day and I am truly grateful that I got to return to do Disney again. But for now I need to sleep as we have Harry Potter tomorrow.