Phillipines Day 15

Back to Manila

Today was the start of our travel day with our first flight being from Osaka to Manila and then spending the night in Manila. Osaka airport was super slow, check in took forever. Eventually we were through and getting ready to board. I will say so far it has been a pleasure to fly Phillipine Airlines. They have been on time and great service. So with that we had our 4 hour flight which was pretty uneventful.

We arrived in Manila had the quickst get out of airport experience ever and were soon in a grab on the way to the hotel. We had the most friendliest driver who chatted all the way to the hotel.

We decided to have Jollibees tonight as apparently it is extremly popular in the Phillipines. It was meh! We otherwise have relaxed and slept getting ready for our 8 hour flight home.