Tasmania - Day 2

A Spoon Carving Day

Today we headed down to Cygnet to join a spoon carving workshop. It was a pleasant drive down and it was cool that the Huon Valley was covered in cloud so we had to drive through it. We arrived and met David who would be teaching us all his spoon carving knowledge. We started to practice how to use the tools on some scrap wood. We then got to choose our spoons to get started. Anthony chose a Huon Pine and I chose a Tasmanian Cherry.

It was then the long but fun process of making the spoons. We had to use one tool to carve the middle of the spoon and then moved to use the saw and knife to make the handle and the back of the spoon. It took such a long time but it was really satisfying. It was such a really great class and a great use of time.

We stopped for sushi in Cygnet before driving back to Hobart for the night. We had Indian for dinner which was just downstairs from the hotel so that was handy.