The Fraser Coast - Day 2

A trio of Dingoes

Today we were up early to get picked up for our K’gari Island tour. It wasn’t long and we were headed out to the island on the boat. After a 45 min boat ride we arrived at the Island. Dave was our our guide for the day and we were lucky to be in the smaller group bus today that is normally used for premium tours. Dave gave us a running commentary for the day and told us all about our first stop of LAke McKenzie.

Lake McKenzie is an amazing. The sand around it is pure white because all the minerals have been taken out and its only silcone left. We put our feet in for a bit and went for a walk through the water. This whole Lake is just so visually stunning. Before we knew it our time here was done and it was back on the bus to our next stop which was Central Station rainforest.

Our first stop was too Central Station which is an old logging area on the island. It is also the start of where the rainforest is. There are the most beautiful huge trees in this area and the most interesting fact is that it is the only rainforest in the world to grow on sand and they cannot not explain why it does grow here. We walked along the board walk looking at the huge staghorn ferns. There are heaps of plants that are prehistoric like the habit king ferns. It’s amazing. The most stunning thing here though was the creek. At firt glance it looks yellow and like there is stuff mucing up the water but as you get closer it is just because it is super clear and you can see the sand underneath. Seriously stunning. We saw a huge Lace Monitor as well as a Python as we were leaving which was really cool.

We headed across for lunch which was a buffet. It was pretty good and then we were out onto the and for driving. Pretty much as soon as we got out onto our sand we saw our first dingo. It was hanging around with the police car. Luckily for us we saw another one on the way down. Driving on the beach was really bumpy in a few parts.

But we finally made it down to the Maheno Shipwreck. In 1935, the Maheno was sold to Japan from NZ to be made into scrap metal, but on its journey there a cyclone got it into trouble and it was washed onto K’gari Island. It would have cost too much to move it so nowadays it is just a beautiful rusty ship which was very interesting to explore. It has also been broken in half as the Australia Navy used it for target practice.

We headed back to Eli Creek and saw another dingo. This one was really close and it was the cutest. We did a walk thorugh Eli Creek and then it was time to head back.

It was such a great day and the night was spent having burgers and having icecream.