The Fraser Coast - Day 5

Crikey Mate! Australia Zoo

We got up early today to make sure we had breakfast before we headed to Australia Zoo. It only took us 26 minutes to drive to the zoo and we arrived just at opening time. We went and checked in for our 2 tours and had a quick look around.

Our first tour today was the Animal Hospital Tour. Before we went in we had a look at the areas the public can access and we found the John Oliver Koala Chlamydia Ward sign which is what Anthony most wanted to see. The Hospital is dedicated to Steve Irwin’s Mum which was really cool. We got to go inside the hospital and see what was hapenning in there. We saw a little baby bat that was waking up from testing. He was very cute. We saw the surgery rooms and all the recovery rooms. We headed out and saw the Koala Center which has been paid for by Seth Mc Farlene for his mother. We saw some of the animals that were recovering and got to go into the sea turtle area and see the sea turtles, It was great to see how many animals they are managing to save. We also bought some things made by a 6 year old wildlife warrior named Owen.

Then it was back into the zoo proper. We headed up by bus to the Africa section and had a look at the animals around there. We saw the giraffes, zebras, rhinos, meerkats. It was so so hot so we slowly made our way through the zoo back towards the Crocosseum where we needed to meet at 12:20 for the next tour.

We then had our Aldabra Tortoise encounter. We got to head in and give Igloo ad Goliath lots of pats and scratches. They were very cool and very placid. The Aldabra Tortoise can feel any scratches and pats on their shells. We spent a really decent amount of time in with them and then had to run across to the croc show.

The croc show was good. Unfortunely no Irwins in todays show. The croc we had was Casper and he was real lazy today. He didnt want to do much. Either way a great show again at Australia Zoo.

After the show we had lunch and then went to explore the rest of the zoo. It was hot and we were getting tired. We did some shopping and then headed back home.

We went for a walk down to the each and then headed out for kebabs and icecream. It has been a really great trip. Tomorrow we are heading home but it has been such a lucky and bucketlist trip.