The Limestone Coast - Day 3

We finally quacked

THappy Easter Everyone! We were ready to go on time and did a quick run through the McDonald’s drive through. With coffee in hand we headed out towards Robe which is where we would be exploring today.

First stop through was to see Larry the Lobster. Larry is one of the big things in Australia. He is a very large Lobster in Kingston so we stopped to take photos. When we were there we saw a sign for the Easter Duck classic. Intrigued we did some quick research and found that it was on down the road.

We arrived just before the Duck Classic which is a duck race where they put plastic ducks that are decorated in a river and race them to see who wins. It was pretty amusing and we all chose a duck we thought would win. Before we knew it the race was on and all the ducks went slowly floating towards the finish line. Anthony chose the best his duck came in forth. Mine can in last and got stuck on the side it was a pretty funny distraction for the day.

Afterwards we made our way the last 30 min to Robe. Our first stop of the day was for Glass beach in Robe. Glass beach is where all the sea glass and pottery wash up. Unfortunately when we got here the tide was quite high but we still found so so so much sea glass on the rocks and cliffs.

While Dani and I were collecting sea glass Anthony and Drew went to watch the surfing competition. They said slipknot was robbed by cherry blossom for first place. Blue lagoon spent way too long looking for the perfect wave.

It was nearly lunch and requests had been made to have Robe’s Rock Lobster. We headed to Sky Seafood for lunch. Anthony and Drew shared a lobster and we all got some other normal fish and chips. It was actually pretty good and all very fresh.

We then headed to do a loop of a lookout,robe obelisk, robe Jetty and the old jail ruins. They were all nice, nothing overly fancy. I don’t think the others liked the obelisk but there was something I really liked about it. It’s actually a really pretty area of the limestone coast.

We had seen a sign for jerky and so we headed there to see what was happening. Mike’s jerky was pretty good. We got to sample a couple of flavours. We bought a couple of flavours.

We then headed back to go along some of the areas of beach. Dani spent a bit more time fossicking along the glass beach and before we knew it it was time to drive the hour back to Naracoorte so we could make our dinner reservation.