Singapore/Malaysia - Day 7

Universal Studios

I was so excited about today as I knew we were going to Universal Studios and it was going to be a good day. We had breakfast fairly early and then headed back to Sentosa. We took the monorail from Harbour Front Station this time as it was quicker and cheaper then the cable cars.

When we arrived we took some pictures in front of the orb. We asked a nice family if they wouldn’t mind taking our photo and they happily obliged, however I think they were a bit scared of our SLR cameras. We joined the line and bought our tickets and an express pass. The Express pass was only an extra 30 Singapore dollars and is probably the best money we have spent so far.It allowed us to get into each ride and show in the express queue for one time. This meant that for each ride we had no wait time, we just skipped the line.

We walked through Hollywood and found that Monster Rock was just about to start. We went in and got seats near the front. Monster Rock was about a musical rock band that was made up of the original universal studio monsters. It had Dracula, Frankenstein, Frankensteins bride, A mummy, A werewolf, a she wolf. The sang different rock songs from the 80’s til now. It was OK, nothing overly exciting, but a good place to sit in the air conditioning for a while.

We then continued down New York and came across Lights, Camera. Action!™ Hosted by Steven Spielberg. We used our express pass and missed the whole queue arriving at the front straight away. In Lights, Camera. Action we watched as a empty sound stage becomes the setting for a major hurricane about to hit New York City. We were in a boat shed and they showed us how they make the special effects in the movies. We witnessed the windows being blown away, the wind picking up objects, gas cans bursting into flame. The structure collapsing and finally a huge boat break through the doors and come at us. It was a fantastic show and it is amazing how real they can make it feel.

When we got out we found Marilyn Monroe and naturally I wanted my picture with her. We lined up and took the picture. Anthony then went to stand over the grate and pretend to be Marilyn Monroe (see photo below.) It was then time to leave New York and head into SciFi City. The first ride we came across was Transformers 4D, Anthony had stated to me numerous times that is was Bayformers so it was gay and he didn’t want to do it.However when we got there he found a huge transformer called EVAC which was from the ride and promptly lined up to have his photo taken. After that he was pretty excited as he found a transformers store. First though we went on the transformers ride where you go on a hyper-realistic 3D thrill ride. The story is that the DECEPTICONS invade NEST Headquarters to steal the ALL SPARK. We have volunteered to hop into a transformer named EVAC to get the all spark.This ride was the best 3D I have seen, you move through rooms and the transformers come right at you. they have also put in effects so that you feel when a transformer jumps on your car or there is fire etc. It was a brilliantly done ride and easily the best 3D or 4D I have done. Once you are off the ride you come into a transformers shop. Anthony went a bit crazy and bought a few things. We decided to buy decepticon cushions for the new house to put in the theatre room, I don’t think we would have found them elsewhere. After Anthony had finished shopping we continued to get a picture of Anthony and Bumblebee.

We were now into SciFi city and in SciFi city they have the battle star gallactica dueling roller coast one is human which goes at speeds of 82.8 km/h, it is a seated coaster that propels you 14 storeys into the air. The other is a suspended roller coaster that went upside down and completed loops upside down. Steve sat these out but Anthony and I jumped the queues with the express pass and did them. They were pretty good.

We found Steve after the rides and headed to Ancient Egypt. The setup and backdrops of this place is amazing. The main part of Ancient Egypt is the huge pyramid flanked on either side by 2 Anubis’s. Truly amazing. We talked Steve into coming on The Mummy’s Revenge ride which is a rollercoaster in the dark through the world of the Mummy. Needless to say he did not enjoy it very much.

Hungry we headed back into SciFi city to get lunch. We all got Tandoori chicken and rice which was really nice which is surprising for Theme Park food. After we were refueled we headed into the next world of Jurassic Park. The main ride in this area was closed and the lines for the kids rides were to long. We only stayed around long enough to take some photos and looked around. We found a sign saying a show called Water World was on at 4:30 so we put that in our memory bank and went out exploring the next world for an hour.

Far Far Away was the next world which is based on Shrek. The Far Far Away Castle they have there is pretty amazing, exactly like in the movie. We arrived just in time to use our express pass to sneak into Shrek 4D. It is the same 4D movie that is at Movie World in Queensland but seeing it the second time was still as funny. After the movie we went on Enchanted Airway’s where you fly on Dragon as a roller coaster. It was a corkscrew ride, very short but fun. We found Steve who was taking photos of the castle and decided to head back to watch the Water world show.

Water world show is meant to be based on the movie Water World which I have never seen. Nevertheless the show told the story about people who live on man made islands as dry land is meant to not exist. The show involved stunts, along with thrills and spills from real explosions of fire and water. It was an really good show. We were able to get a photo with some of the cast. The only girl in the show is from Australia. The best bit was that there were different zones in the show. The splash zone got wet. Not just from the show but from guys before the show squirting them with hoses and guns. It was really funny.

We headed back into Far Far away and had photos with Shrek and Fiona. It was then time to head into Madagascar. We saw the Madagascar Characters come out and dance to ‘I like to move it move it’. The next ride we went on was A crate ride which took us slowly through the Madagascar story on a boat. We had completed all the worlds and as we had some time left decided to ride Transformers 3D again.

We headed through New York again and ran into Charlie Chaplin. He was funny, he was hitting people with his cane fake kissing girls on his hand. We had a photo with him and he got his hankie out and polished Steve’s head. He then posed close to be blocking the boys out. He was funny. Laughing we headed across to Transformers 3D.

We were about half way in the queue when there were delays with the ride. We waited in line for 30minutes and finally got to ride. It was just as good the second time round. It was nearly closing time , but Anthony wanted to use Steve’s spare Express Pass to do the Cyclon again. So off he went. After a quick stop at the gift shop it was time to end our wonderful day at Universal Studios.

We had a wonderful Hawker Stall dinner at Vivo City and celebrated our last day in Singapore. It has been an absolute blast in Singapore. A wonderful country to Visit.