Singapore/Malaysia - Day 8

Travelling to KL

We had our last breakfast and headed to the airport. We should have left earlier and were really pushing it for time as Singapore has a huge Airport. We got our boarding pass with only 5 minutes to spare, needless to say we won’t be doing that again. We checked in passed Immigration and proceeded to the plane.

The plane flight was short. We pretty much landed straight after we took off, it was ridiculous. We arrived in KL at the Low Cost Terminal which is pretty much a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. We had prebooked a shuttle bus, so we jumped on that and slept our way to KL Sentral.

KL is very different to what I had imagined. It is really run down and scummy in some parts, then right next to that are new and exciting buildings with designer stored. I had thought KL was the Glitz and Glam but what I have seen so far it not. It has parts that are more posh and urban. It is a fascinating city.

We took a cab to our hotel and were impressed. The hotel is huge and beautiful. It also has a balcony which overlooks KLCC and the Petronas towers. It is amazing. After exploring we went for a trip to the pool and called Sarma to arrange dinner with him. We met him at KLCC shopping centre at about 6:45. We headed into the city to have dinner in Butik Bintang at a restaurant recommended my our concierge. On the way we came across Low Yat Plaza which is floor after floor of electronic goods and very good prices. The boys bought a wireless router for the hotel room for only $15 Australian dollars. I think we might have spent all night in there but we were hungry so we went to have dinner.

KL has a problem with beggars or the poor and this was evident at dinner when we were approached numerous times with people attempting to sell things to us. There are definitely two classes of people in KL the rich and the poor. However dinner was good and we were happy to have Sarma back. We headed home for a quiet night.

It was an interesting first day in KL>