Singapore/Malaysia - Day 10

Exploring KL

As Steve’s leg was still a bit sore today and we were going to the aquarium where he has already been he decided to sit the first part out. Anthony and I headed off by ourselves to ‘Aquaria’ Kuala Lumpur’s aquarium. We managed to find it in the middle of the KLCC Convention Building which I think is a very odd place to have an aquarium. We entered and first saw the piranha’s, we were a bit disappointed because the piranha feeding time is at 4 o’clock and we wouldn’t be there that long.

The cool thing about KLCC Aquarium is that they have different animals and not just fish, we saw otters and water rats as well as snakes and insects. The Aquarium is set our very nicely with tough screen information boards on all the animals. We made our way slowly through the enclosures, I got annoyed that Anthony;s smaller camera was taking better shots then my expensive one, but his camera always takes better photos through glass.

We made it to the underwater tunnel and found some indoor shops with Malaysian craft. I had been bugging Anthony for a while about getting a caricature done and one of the shops was a caricature place. We watched him for a while and he seemed good so we thought for only 40RM it would be worth it. We sat patiently while the guy drew us. I got told off a few times for not keeping still. In about 20minutes he was done with a caricature that looked pretty cool.

We finished the Aquarium by going into their underwater tunnel in which you can stand on a travellator and be taken under the tanks which holds sharks, turtle, fish, eels and stingrays. The tank was better designed then Singapore’s one I think. We headed out to grab some lunch in the conference centre.

After lunch we headed to KLCC to meet up with Steve, while we were waiting we headed to a bookshop that Sarma had recommended. It was double the size of our borders and had most books for under $10 AUD. We wasted some time in there and probably could have spent much longer but Steve had arrived in KLCC and we needed to move on.

With Steve in tow we headed to KL Tower. The KL tower is a 421m high telecommunications tower which is up on a hill making it look taller then Petronas towers which is the tallest building in Malaysia. It cost 42 RM to go up and with the tower entry you got to choose either the f1 Simulator, a pony ride or the animal park. We chose the animal park which was a mistake. (More on that later) We took the elevator up to the lookout which harbors a 360 degree view of Kuala Lumpur. Upon arrival you are given an audio tour which gives you specific information on what you can see from each building. It was very informative, for example Do you know that Malaysia has 8 Royal families and a king is chosen each 5 years from one of the families.

After completed the full tower we headed down to go to the animal park, before we got there we found a man with a lizard and he let Anthony hold it so we could take photos. We then headed to the Animal park at KL Tower which I would not recommend to anybody. The poor animals there have no toys and nothing to do, they were bored out of their minds. It was horrible and I felt bad about giving them money for the way they treat the animals. I left and waited outside for the boys as I felt horrible being in there.

We took a taxi home to meet up with Sarma who would be staying with us for the weekend. The boys played with some new lasers that Steve bought and took some cool light photos. We decided to have dinner at the hotel so we ate outside overlooking the city. Steve and I had a dip in the pool and came out when dinner arrived at our table. It was an expensive but quite nice meal.

We then headed to the Petronas towers to take night pictures. We played around with the camera and managed some cool shots.