Singapore/Hongkong - Day 1

Melbourne to Singapore

After a horrible start at the airport this morning. Which involved us lining up in the completely wrong place and just making it in time for boarding the plane. We had a nice relaxing flight to Singapore. Thanks Maria and Graz for taking us to the airport.

The 7hr flight was made up of watching 2 movies The Wolverine (very good movie) and RED2 which was ok as well. It was a calm and quiet flight and we arrived with no issues.

Passing through Singapore airport was easy (although we missed having a Sarma to greet us)and we found our way to the hotel and had a rest. I also want to say that 7/11 is downstairs and the first thing i got was a passion fruit ice tea (does that surprise you Steve) Getting here reminded me all the things I loved about Singapore.

We had decided we wanted to trek to a restaurant which we had loved last time we were here, so we took a walk over to Arab St (about 20min). We walked through the Market at Bugis Street which reminded me why I love Asia. After taking a few photos of the area as I love the Mosque that is there, we found the restaurant.

I was not disappointed and was exactly the same as when we had it 2 years ago. $15 sgd ($13 AUD) got us two mains, 2 entrees and two drinks. Very cheap.

We walked our way back to the hotel to relax before Sentosa tomorrow.