Singapore/Hongkong - Day 2

Huge Day at Sentosa

It has been a long day and it is late now. So apologies for any spelling mistakes.

We started today in search of a transformers shop. We train hopped in order to get to Chinatown station. We walked along chinatown and found the shop in a plaza. However it was not to open until 12. We decided not to wait as we had a big day at sentosa. We stopped to have breakfast at a western cafe and ordered a turkey sandwhich and ice chocolate. This ended up costing us more then last nights dinner. Nealry double in fact. (Anth: Screw you western food).

We decided to take the Sentosa boardwalk across to Sentosa. After alighting at Harbourfront Station we found the board walk and strolled our way across the bridge to Sentosa. The board walk was pretty, and it had travellators which made us feel a bit lazy. We walked on these anyway as they gave us speed walking until some people put their fat arses in the way.

We arrived at Sentosa and had issues finding where we were. It appears a lot has changed in the 2 years since we have been here. After a lot of walking and some awkawd conversations with people thzat had no idea we finally found universal studios and then the monorail station. It is actually amazing how that small area which had nothing 2 years ago has grown.

We took the monorail to Beach Station as this is where the segway tours are. We wanted to do the 30min Segway tour because last time we were here we did the small training ground and loved it. The earliest tour was at 2:30 which left us 2 hrs to explore Sentosa before the awesomeness.

I decided that we should head down the beach to the Southern Most Point of Contential Asia but before we walked there I had to get some sunscreen. Lucky for me they have 50+ sunscreen so there was no chance of me turning into a tomato today. Suncreened and ready we started walking. It was so hot and humid today that walking was much more of a chore then normal. Luckily we stopped into 7/11 for a slurpee.

We made it to The Southern Most Point of Contential Asia which was an island with a lookout tower. To get to the island we had to walk across a tiny and very wobbly rope bridge. It was so hard to walk on. (Anth: I didn’t have any troubles) At The Southern Most Point of Contential Asia we had a rest, put our feet in the sea then headed back to the mainland. Tired already from the heat we decided to take a scenic tram along the beach for a bit of sightseeing. The coast line of sentosa is actually quite long and very pretty.

By the time we made it back it was Segway Time. The Segways were so much fun except when Anthony overtook me and fell off his Segway causing me to fall off too. This is all available for viewing as all action was caught on my gopro. The 30min Segway trip took us along the beaches and onto one of the beaches. I used my gopro the whole way and will try and put a bit of the film up. Very happy we finsihed up on the Segways.

Our next stop was to the Merlion which I really wanted to go to last time. We paid the entrance fee and headed inside the Merlion. It was really interesting as it told the story of how Singapura got its name as well as how the Merlion came to be the national symbol. We were given a magic token when we entered and we got to use this to get a mystery prize. Anthony decided he liked the coin better so he didn’t put it in to get a prize. We then proceeded to the top of the Merlion to have a panoramic view of Sentosa.

Tired we headed back to Resorts World Sentosa to find somewhere to eat. We came across Tastes of Malaysia which had all food carts selling Malay food. Very happy with the prices and choice we sat done and enjoyed a late lunch early dinner while we waited to get into Universal Studios.

At 6pm we were finally allowed into Universal Studios. We raced off to get to the Transformers Ride and were very dissapointed to see the ride had an 80min wait time. Anthony though found the Transformers shop and was very excited to go shopping. After much ooing and ahhing and a lady trying to give him 2 shopping baskets. We ended up with Blitzwing, Springer and Masterpeice Streak transformer toys and a transformers hat. If we were not going to Hong Kong in a couple of days I think we would have come out with a lot more.

I was upset by the wait time for transformers as we only had 4 hours and I wanted to do a couple of rides so we lined up anyway. The line was long and hot and we waited patiently for our turn. I had forgotten how good the transformer ride was. We continued walking around the park and found The Mummy ride had a 10min wait time. We were very happy and raced through the queue. It was an awesome dark rollercoaster and we bought an awesome ride photo.

We saw the 8pm fireworks which were very nice. Then I dragged Anthony onto Seasme Street Spaggheti Space Race. It was so funny, Anthony said it was very very lame. We then headed to Jurrasuc Park to do the Jurrasic Rapids ride. It was awesome we ended up absolutely saturated after our Journey through Jurrasic Park. To dry off we headed back to The Mummy ride and rode it again. It was nearing closing time and we wanted to get our before the crowds. We did a detour to go on Enchanted Airways which was good.

We were on our way out when Anthony spotted Turkey Legs and of course he had to get one. (Anth: Nom Nom Nom) We contiuneied to exit with Anthony eating his huge Turkey leg and popped into the shop on our way out. Our feet were soooooo sore and it was a diffiicult walk back to the hotel.

We had an amazing day at Sentosa Island