Singapore/Hongkong - Day 10

Quiet Day in Hong Kong

Today will be a short blog as we had a nice relaxing day.

We woke up late, got ready and headed out to explore some markets. We went to the ladies market first. It was full of souvenirs and clothes and nothing really caught our eye.

From there we headed to the Bird and Flower markets. The flower markets were not that interesting but the Bird Garden was cool. There were heaps of men carrying or hanging their birds in trees .The whole place was full of bird’s talking and singing to each other. The place had heaps of birds for sale too as well as treats for the birds. The crickets were as big as Anthony’s thumb.

From here we headed to Nan Lian Garden. It was relaxing and peaceful to walk around the garden taking photos. I have also never seen goldfish that big before.

We spent the evening shopping at Sim City (electronics store) and back at In’s point. Anthony got more transformers and I found a hong kong disney snow globe. We also got some surprise loot.

Tomorrow is Disneyland and I am so excited.