Singapore/Hongkong - Day 11

Disneyland Day 1

It has been a huge day and besides being sore and tired we are both extremely happy. It was a wonderful day one of the best days I have ever had.

We got up early and train hopped to get to Sunny Bay station. We swapped onto the Disneyland Resort line and caught the Disney line to the park. We got our 2 day tickets and went inside. We did not have to line up at all to get the tickets or get in.

When we got there we joined a long queue to have our photo with Mickey and Minnie as first thing in the morning is the only time you can get a picture with both of them. While we were lining up we saw the Disney Marching Band playing all sorts of Disney tunes. They were very good,

Finally after a long time waiting it was our turn to have our photo with Mickey and Minnie. They were very excited I had Duffy Bear and did some miming to tell me that Minnie made it for Mickey. Anthony got to shake hands with Mickey and we had our photos done. By this stage Anthony was hungry for some breakfast and we found some waffles in main street. They looked pretty yummy so we bought some for breakfast. After we were full of waffle it was time for me to do some shopping. I bought a few bibs and bobs which i will show you later. We then headed to Tomorrow Land to start our day. We got a fast pass for Space Mountain. The normal queue was only 20 min so it didn’t really matter. Our fast pass said to come back in 30 min. The other ride in Tomorrow Land I really wanted to go on was Buzz Lightyears Astro Blast. So we headed towards that.

We detoured for a bit because we saw Buzz Light Year going to take photos so we raced over to have a photo with him. He was pretty funny. From Buzz we continued to the ride line.There was no body in the line so we were able to board straight away. Buzz Astro Blasters is a ride where you get to shoot targets with a laser gun and defeat the enemy Zurg. You control the spin of your cart too so its pretty fun. Your score gets shown on screens in front of you and I was disappointed as Anthony won. Anthony loved this ride and asked if we could go again, so around we went and went on it again. There was no wait time which was unbelievable. It was time to head back to Space mountain. Space Mountain is a in the dark indoor roller coaster which is meant to simulate a voyage into space. It is actually quite a thrilling ride, especially as you cannot see where you are going. Very Very fun. Anthony wanted to go on this again too. But I overruled and said we needed to see more of the park.

The next stop was Fantasy Land and when we arrived we were just in time to see the Golden Mickeys Show. The golden Mickeys is based on a Broadway awards ceremony with acts from the Nominees. They had acts from Toy Story, Hunchback of Noltre Dame, Tarzan, Mulan, Lilo and Stitch, Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. I loved this show. It had all my favourite movies in it and was amazing. I don’t think Anth was too keen but at least he got to sit for 30min.

We headed to Disney Phillar Magic 4D next. It is a story about Donald who doesn’t listen to Mickey and causes havoc in the Disney Movies. The 4D was amazing in this. Especially because the added smells as well as the normal wind and water. We both really enjoyed this. It was nearing parade time and we decided to skip it today and see it tomorrow so we headed into Toy Story Land.

This land is themed amazingly. The tall grass and all the toys and props make you feel like you are one of Andy’s toys in his backyard. Here we lined up for RC Racer. The queue again was not long. RC Racer is a very extreme version of the pirate ship. You sit in RC and he raced up a u pipe getting to 180 degrees at either end. It was actually a bit scary. From here we went on Parachute Drop which is based on the toy soilders from the movie. This ride is very tame but gives you an amazing view of the park.

We continued on to Mystic Point the newest land at Hong Kong Disneyland. It has a garden full of illusions which we had a look at and then we headed to lunch in the explorers club. Though a bit pricey the food here was amazing and nothing like normal park food.

Full, we joined the line for Mystic Manor which again had no queue. Mystic manor is set up like a tour through Lord Mystics Art collection when Albert his monkey touches a box that makes things go wrong. The new system this runs on is amazing. It is like the carts are hovering on nothing and the move and switch so smoothly. Definitely a good ride.

Next was Grizzly Gulch which has a mine Cart ride. This was a roller coaster and was so much fun. Because the line was small we went on it again. I think Anthony would have kept going but i made him move on to Adventure Land.

We were running out of time so I decided to save Lion King and Tarzan for tomorrow.. So we headed staight for the Jungle Cruise, For this rise there are 3 queues. 1 for English, one for Mandarin and one for Cantonese. The English was the longest but luckily they have people that can speak couple of languages. The boat ride was funny with lots of lame jokes thrown in. Ahhh good times.

It was dark and I wanted to head to Fantasy Land. We used a Fast pass on Poohs hunny Pot adventure which was a slow ride for kids. The funny thing was right at the end the ride broke. So we had to sit there and wait to be let out. They let all the little kids out first which was fair enough and we did get a free fast pass for any ride we wanted. I thought this was hilarious.

We did some More shopping then jumped onto Cinderella’s Carousel. It was very pretty, It was near firework time so we headed to get some photos printed and then Anth thought we could do a ride in tomorrow land again. We did Buzz Light Year again. Still no line and also managed another ride on Space Mountain.

We found a spot for the fireworks and settled in. They were beautiful set to Disney Music, much better then the NYE fireworks.Then it was s home time and I did not want to leave. What an absolutely fantastic day.

We spent the evening shopping at Sim City (electronics store) and back at In’s point. Anthony got more transformers and I found a hong kong disney snow globe. We also got some surprise loot.

Tomorrow is Disneyland and I am so excited.