Hong Kong - Day 1

A whole day of travel

It took forever to get here. First Jetstar was delayed from Melbourne because somehow they let people get through who did not have enough validity on their passports. So we were delayed while their bags were located and taken off the plane. The flight to Singapore wasn’t too bad. I watched Secret Life of Pets, Elf and 2 documentaries. We arrived at Singapore late and has to rush for our transfer. After some stuffing about, (they were not sure jetstar was meant to transfer our bags) we were told it was all good and we hopped on our connecting flight.

I was not feeling well at this point which seems to be a constant issue with flying, so i spent this flight in the fetal position on 2 seats sleeping. It seemed to work though as when I awoke I felt much better. We arrived in Hong Kong at 10:00 and made our way to the baggage claim. There was no luggage…. We went and asked at the desk and we were informed our bags didn’t make this flight and that they would be on the next one at 12:20. So we had to wait for the bags. At this time it was already 1 o’clock Melbourne time so we were exhausted. The bags finally came and then the next problem was that it was so late that the trains had stopped.

We decided to get a taxi and went to get money out only to find out that Citibank want working. Long story short after much trying to get money I used my credit card to get money and we finally got a taxi to the accommodation, arriving at 2am Hong Kong time, Or 5am Melbourne. It was a long day thanks to Jetstar.