Hong Kong - Day 2

Ocean Park

So after the drama last night we had a bit of a sleep in this morning. We awoke feeling much better so we headed to search for breakfast. Where we are staying is a much better location then last time and right across from our accommodation we found a restaurant that made breakfast for under $12 AUD we were both fed and ready to start the day.

We transferred trains onto the new Green line which took us straight to the front of Ocean Park. The whole trip took under 14 minutes. I had preordered our tickets so we just headed straight through into the park the whole adventure was very easy. We headed straight to the cable car to go to the top of the park. Ocean Park is split into 2 areas with a huge mountain range in between. You can travel overland on the cable car or take the ocean express through the mountain where they made a tunnel. It was a short wait for the cable car but soon we were on and taking the peaceful journey over the mountain. It was very foggy today in Hong Kong, even then the view was still beautiful. We alighted at the top of the cable car route and made our way to Hair Raiser!

Hair Raiser is this terrifying roller coaster which goes upside down multiple times over the ocean and mountains. It is truly terrifying. Anthony made me go on it 2 times. We walked to get some lunch and found some rice bowls. Then finally after lunch we found the grilled squid which Anthony has been looking forward to. It was then on to see the animals.

We started with the walruses which were being fed.They are such cool animals and so fat. We watched them for ages and then watched them swim around their tanks.

This is a video of them feeding- https://youtu.be/T86a2abrpWQ

We looked at seals and penguins and then we got to the most amazing thing of the day the beautiful Artic foxes. We watched them for ages as the keepers were letting them in 1 by 1. They are the cutest things you have ever seen. I spent a good 30 minutes in there just watching them.

Next we did the rainforest work and saw a keeper with the cutest animal on him, It was called a kinkajou and was doing tricks We watched it for a bit and then went to look at the rest of the animals.

We saw a bird show next which had a few birds in it. It was ok.The birds were beautiful to look at. We saw pandas and goldfish and went through the big aquarium before we decided to call it a day.

After putting our feet up for a bit we decided to go shopping at Inns point to look for transformers for Anth. We spent a few hours wandering the stall and I am sure we will be back. I ended up getting him his Christmas present which was a masterpiece transformer,

Now its off to bed as its Disneyland Day 1 tomorrow.