Hong Kong - Day 5

Cheung Chau

Today we were off on a boat tour to an island of Hong Kong called cheung chau. I wanted to come here because my favourite books by Kylie Chan have a Hong Kong god as the main character and his temple from the books was on this island. The island is also a very nice getaway place

After breakfast we made our way over to Hong Kong Island to catch the ferry to the island. There was so much going on over on a hong kong island. The big carnival was in and there were protests and markets going on. We made our way through all that and hopped on the ferry. We took the slow ferryboat it was about a 50 min ride to get there. We went past a variety of islands and finally found our way to Cheung Chau.

The island is small but the ocean front is full of stores selling food. We strolled along and tried egg puffs, prawn toast and a few bits and pieces before making our way to the temple. Pak Tai temple is just s small temple in the middle of Cheung Chau but each year thousands flock here to watch the bun festival. The bun festival is where the make towers that a 5 stories high and covered in buns, people then have to climb the towers to collect the lucky buns. Anyway the temple itself was pretty and the detail on the architecture is amazing.

We made our way on a walk through the town center to see what the village was like and how they lived. It was very interesting. We were rewarded with making it to the middle of the village with a view out over the sea. We headed down again to find some lunch.

The place that we had lunch was amazing. We ordered calamari, eggplant and fish in Claypot and pork and veggie. They were not only cheap but super fresh and delicious. It was late afternoon at this point to we headed back to Hong Kong island on the ferry. We moved only to have dinner at Itchibanya which was yummy and then packed to get ready to move to the Disneyland resort!