Hong Kong - Day 6

Disneyland Day 2

Well this morning it was time to say goodbye to our accommodation in Hong Kong as we were upgrading to the Disneyland Hotel for the next 2 nights. We packed our suitcases had one last breakfast at our amazing breakfast place and then took 3 trains and a bus to get to Disneyland. We arrived at 11 o;clock and we checked into the hotel. Check in time wasn’t until 3 but they held our bags so we could head to the park.

Before disappearing to the park we had lunch at Disneyland Hotel. After seeing many videos and blogs we had decided to book the special yumcha from Crystal Lotus. Crystal Lotus is a fancy and beautiful restaurant which specialises in Fancy Yumcha. We were seated and given some tea and then the most awesome lunch ever happened. You can see everything we ate in the pictures. All the dishes were delicious but the goldfish one was so beautiful. It looked so real that is was very had to eat it. Feeling very full after so much Yumcha we decided to wander to the park.

Disneyland is a 6 minute walk from the hotel, most people take the bus so the walk is quiet and empty. It is a really nice walk with hedges and shaped shrubs and I am not sure why more people don’t walk. We arrived at Disneyland at 1:30 and decided we would do the Art of Animation first. We were just time to do a Mickey mouse drawing. The class wasn’t in English but it was cool copying the lady to draw Mickey. Anthony’s and my drawings looked so different. It was a really great thing to do at Disneyland.

We then spent some time pin trading in Main Street. Pin trading has been lots of fun. We rode most of the rides again today and spent some time in the shops. The afternoon was spent in the Lion King show which was just as fantastic as the last time I saw it 3 years ago. Before we knew it 6’oclock had arrived and we had a booking at Plaza Inn one of the bigger restaurants in the park. had. Plaza in was a beautiful place to eat. We had a Chinese feast which wveas delicious. It was a set menu so they just kept bringing out food. It was one of the best meals we have had. We got out just in time to see Paint the Night Parade which was really pretty. We snuck off from the parade to ride space mountain and iron man again. Then decided to exit as the fireworks were happening.to check in to the hotel properly.

We got in our room and it was so pretty. They had left birthday and anniversary decorations in the room which was so cute. We watched some more series of unfortunate events. What a great day.